The Ultimate Coursera Checklist for Geology Students – Part II


Online learning and Coursera go hand in hand.
Recruiters are aware that it takes immense motivation to complete an online course and the ones on Coursera are intensive.
Today, I’ve decided to throw some light on  my top five Earth Science courses offered on Coursera.

1. The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators – American Museum of Natural History.

This lucid course will help you understand the basic forces of nature that have shaped our planet over time.
If you are a newbie,  you won’t look at rocks the same way again.
In the end you will participate in a stimulating case study on earthquake risk in Bangladesh. Instructors wrap up the course by making you more curious about the subject than you already were.

2. Oil and Gas Industry Operations – Duke University 

If you have ever dreamt of being part of the Oil and Gas industry then you MUST take up this course. It describes the working of the hydrocarbon industry, but in a nutshell.
If you have ever wondered how oil prices affect the economy, how America is turning up the tables with its “Shale Revolution” and are are curious about the future prospects of the industry then this course is the best fit for you.

3. Fundamentals of GIS – University of California, Davis

If you are a budding Geologist then at some point in your career you will have to learn to create maps and eventually learn map building tools like ArcGIS. Earth Science is an integrated science and it demands knowledge of many aspects in general. This one skill will definitely come in handy and trust me, you will never regret it.

4.Planet Earth…and You! – University of illinoia at Urbana-Champaign

This course is an impeccable starter for an undergraduate student in Earth Science. The course is taught by one well established geology professor, Stephen Marshak and his book, ‘Essentials of Geology’ is one that I swear by.

5. Origins – Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life

If you want to learn more about planetary science then this one would prove to be a great beginning! It’s a well structured course and I strongly recommend it!

What do you think of my recommendations? Please comment below! 

Written by Nimesh Kotadia. Edited by Nikita Nayak.


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Coursera Checklist for Geology Students – Part II

    1. Thank you Saurav. The blog is a subject specific one and our general theme is geology. We try to keep the posts super short so that the content is concise and can be followed up by the links given.


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