A Month of Favourites!


It is my favourite month of the year and I would like to share some awesome things with you in this super short post!

My intent is to give you a list of curated links that would get you thinking ! Here are ten favourite things I would like you to check out and enjoy!

1.Firstly, the image in the beginning of this post is a view of Grantsville, US from space. Like it? Love it? What do you see? Tell me in the comments section below!

2. Infographics are excellent tools to convey complex information in visually appealing ways. Check out this cool infographic about Nanoplastic Pollution.

3. It was fantastic attending the Esri User Conference in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago! If you could not attend for some reason, you can check out the proceedings of the various sessions held during the conference from home!

4. A friend once shared the link to this website with me and I fell in love with it in an instant and you would too. Fluid web-design and compelling content make this THE website I would want to explore during my free time.

5.Next, check out this documentary that could be the subject of a much heated debate.Nonetheless, I would still want you to watch it!

6.Little do people know that William Wordsworth’s sister, Dorothy Wordworth was a great poet in her own right! Read this beautiful poem penned by her and be forever enchanted!

7.Here is something I do not indulge in often; endorse stuff. However, since everyone is fanatic about buying the shiniest, sleekest, costliest smartphones, one might as well buy an eco-friendly phone case to go along with it!  This is retail therapy that Mother Nature will surely approve of!

8. I am going to be grilled for saying this but this award-winning, beautifully designed game from Denmark is only available for iPad users. You have to download it and have a look at it yourself to be truly immersed in it. It is a psychological game that helps you overcome the fears and inhibitions you might have when you want to talk to strangers. You are guided through dense forestry, fog and vacuum like spaces to explore beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone.

9.Did you know that ‘Orienteering is an official sport? Had you ever heard of it before? It is a sport where you use a map and a compass to navigate around a landscape to reach distinct points. You can either orienteer for leisure or as a competitive sport.

10. I am always on the lookout for interesting resources of learning on the internet. Here’s a course on modelling the environment and the economics of energy to predict future trends offered by the University of Basel, Switzerland.

There you go! A sweet little post to peak your interest in what is going on in the world around us and always stay curious!

Feel free to comment and let me know if you liked any of the links that I have shared with you!


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