It’s good to be back again!

I would like to express my sincerest apologies for this hiatus from blogging that was unprecedentedly long to say the very least.
I have only a few posts to my credit so far but I have been lucky and grateful to have received appreciation from near and far for the content on this blog.
Thank YOU for motivating me to write more ! This is for YOU !
There’s so much we need to talk about and I am super duper excited to share it all !
This week, I shall be telling you about this cool app that you can use to organize your thoughts into documents that are the very definition of minimalism and smart design. Oh, Marie Kondo would be SO proud .
Nemo and I have planned a series of posts about an empowering study platform that can change your life as much as it has changed mine, for the better! 🙂
Also, wait for posts about:
-a life-saving tool that could be indispensable to geologists while on field expeditions in remote locations
-the book that nobody ever thought of writing until NOW
-the upcoming solar eclipse! 🙂
We’ve got interviews lined up too! You’ll get to hear from a third year geology student who had the time of his life at IIT-Roorkee during his summer internship and another recent graduate who’s heading to Canada to study Mining Engineering at one of the best places to study it!
Keep your eyes peeled!
Happy reading!

Wondering who’re Nemo and Niks? Check the ‘About’ section to learn more about us! 


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