From one Earthling to another


Dear people of the Earth,
Do you know what “Gaea” means?
One definition is: A personification of Mother Earth; an ancient greek goddess Gaea from whom all other human beings (gods) birthed
Another meaning is that the Earth is a self-regulating system. It is regarded as a living organism made up of both living and non-living parts that together, in beautiful harmony, make life possible for every living thing that exists or will exist.
How magical is that? Did you ever think of your planet like that?
Every single atom around you – the earth you walk upon, the air you breathe, the water you consume through every cell in your body and feel alive because of – is in existence only for you.
In this busy life, where we are either constantly lost and scared, or running away from being lost and scared, we forget to appreciate – truly appreciate – what we mortals have been blessed with.
We have forgotten how the  earth feels beneath our bare feet, we keep running so fast we do not notice how sultry and spring-like the air smells, we are so lost that our naked bodies also lose touch with the therapeutic power of water against skin.
We want to diminish pollution, increase afforestation, reduce plastic, etc. but we do not know where to begin.
How can refusing a plastic straw make any difference, you say?
500 million plastic straws are used in the U.S. alone, each year.
How can supporting one eco-friendly company and buying your products from only there make a difference?
Millions of oil, plastic, toxic fumes are generated by mainstream companies that evade/violate federal environmental laws each day.
“Poverty and population cannot be helped nor regulated.”
Each time you support a company that donates it’s proceeds to charitable causes, or plants trees for every product sold, uses recyclable, bio-degradable products, or you sponsor a child somewhere, you save “something”.
And that one thing, one person, makes all the difference.
Don’t think about the big fix.
The truth of life is – if we want a change, we must be the change.
Be more attentive and cautious about each thing you do, speak, buy or use.
That is how we start to heal our already hurting planet.
This Earth Day, let us train ourselves to untrain ourselves. Let’s go back to our innate selves and be more mindful of living.
Notice. Listen. Breathe and truly breathe. Close your eyes and feel. Let’s give our Earth the love it constantly and incessantly gives us.
Fall in love with the entity that holds you, continues to give you life, and I promise you- you will find yourself again. You will finally love yourself as Gaea loves you.
Yours humbly,
Garima Singh.

This is Garima Singh’s guest post on this blog. She is a psychology student with a flair for writing and a compassionate heart for all things nature.
She has written this letter, hoping that it would strike a chord with you and that you would become more conscious of your impact on this fragile planet. 


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