The Earth is Yours


In 10 Days, we will be celebrating Earth Day and we are super duper excited to create some hype about it!
Have you ever dreamed of naming a star after a loved one or adopting a patch of rain-forest to help in forest conservation efforts? Well, you need not wait any longer.

Today, we would like to share news about this ultra cool initiative by NASA; their ‘Adopt the Planet’ Campaign for Earth Day 2017 allows you to virtually ‘adopt’ a piece of the Earth’s surface and name it yourself!

When you visit the official campaign website, you will be asked to enter a name and will be randomly assigned a unique ‘piece’ of the Earth’s surface out of 64,000 such ‘pieces’. You won’t exactly be buying it or be a legal owner of the area alloted to you but it is this sense of knowing that you love your planet and own a part of it that takes your appreciation for the Earth and its resources to a whole other level.

The area assigned to you will be 55 miles wide and will have data associated with the area of land or ocean you have adopted.

I could not contain my excitement and  went ahead and claimed my share of the Earth and have posted a screenshot for you all to see!
my earth piece

Furthermore, the best part about this campaign is that you get to understand your adopted area better because NASA has compiled data from 18 of their Earth Science  missions for you to have a look at. This data has been collected from watercraft, aircraft, ground observation stations and satellites from varying international space agencies.

You also get the opportunity to check out their Worldview tool which is from  NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System or EOSDIS. This fantastic tool allows the general public to view high quality data in great resolutions and download it for further study and analysis.

Having said this, we would like to encourage you to check out NASA’s campaign page and adopt your very own share of the Earth so that no part is left unclaimed!

Lets share our love for our beautiful blue planet. ❤

We would love to know about your piece of the Earth! You can share a link to it in the comments section below. 🙂 


7 thoughts on “The Earth is Yours

  1. Your blog has always come up with something new and innovative articles and hence its always a pleasure to read your posts! This post takes it even a step further. I knew about owning stars but owning a piece of land virtually is again a fantastic initiative by NASA and thanks to you guys for bringing it to us. Keep up the awesome work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing… A great way to encourage people to help the planet get better… A very innovative blog..
    Keep up the good work.. 🙂


  3. This is such a cool concept and initiative. Thanks for spreading awareness about it. Virtually owning a piece of our Earth will definitely mean so much to people yearning for a more personal and deeper relationship with the magical planet. Stimulating article!


  4. A very innovative way to conserve planet earth! Way to go NASA and thank you so much blogger to let us know about this campaign.


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