Abhishek Tiwari is too cool to have just ONE geology job title!

Yes, it’s true.  🙂
Abhishek Tiwari undertook all of his studies in Geology at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and graduated in 2015.
He’s currently working on Biogeochemistry at the Physical Research Laboratory,Ahmedabad; one of India’s stellar scientific institutions AND will be joining the Geological Survey of India as a Geologist in April, this year!
Furthermore, his area of interests happen to be as diverse as can be; Geology, Glaciology and Marine Geology.
He also runs a brilliant Facebook page called, ‘Geology Freak‘ and has his very own website .
I am truly excited to reveal his insightful answers to my questions!

A career in research such as yours, requires serious passion and wise academic planning. Do you agree?

Yes. I completed an undergraduate degree in Geology with Physics and Chemistry as my subsidiary subjects at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.
The reason behind choosing Physics and Chemistry was to avoid Mathematics. One should choose his/her subsidiary subjects from core science subjects i.e. PCM. This selection can help you in understanding Geophysics and Geochemistry as you would learn basics of Physics and Chemistry during the first two years.
I went on to do my Master of Science in Geology at the same university and graduated in 2015.
We’ve heard through the grapevine that you’ve a number of workshops and internship experiences to your credit. Please tell us more about them!
Yes, I have devoted time at several workshops and internships. I’ve listed them below:
(1) Workshop on Remote Sensing, Glaciology and Climate Science at Divecha Centre for Climate Change, IISC (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore), May – June 2014.
(2) Attended Training at IITB (Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai) on Climate Science and Policies, July 2014 .
(3) Attended 15th PLANEX Workshop on “Mars and Moon: Remote Sensing and Analogue Studies” at PRL (Physical Research Laboratory), Ahmedabad, January 2015
(4) Interned at PLANEX for Martian Glaciology Project during the workshop.
That is very impressive! Did you accomplish any research work while at these workshops? 

Remember how eager I was to avoid mathematics from being one of my subsidiary subjects. Well, as chance would have it, I worked on “A Mathematical Model For Calculating Ice Thickness And Volume of Himalayan Glaciers” for my dissertation. A workshop on Glaciology at IISc, Bangalore helped me understand the present models for calculating ice thickness and volume. I soon realized that none of them took the curvature of the glacier valley into consideration.
Thus,to solve this problem I decided to do my dissertation on it. The dissertation involved understanding the geomorphic landscape and invoking mathematical modelling to understand the shape of the glacier valley which has to be incorporated in a new model for calculating ice thickness and volume.
Later, we took this model further to calculate rate of retreat of glaciers with time.

Amazing! We’re curious about what’s keeping you busy currently!

At the Physical Research Laboratory, I am working on, ‘Neodymium Isotopes in Sea Water’. The institute has helped me understand Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry and Oceanography.

Exam-taking can be stressful. How did you cope with stress whilst in college? 

I believe that food and music are the best stress-busters. 🙂

Do you have advice for current students who are burning the midnight oil, studying fortough papers?

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and try and be excited about what could go right. Try your best. Be content with yourself. Don’t compare.

What is your take on reference books that juniors absolutely must read?

Here are my top picks:
Introduction to Structural Geology’  by A.K. Jain.
The Principles of Petrology: An Introduction to the Science of Rocks‘ by G.W.Tyrell.
Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology‘ by Francis J.Turner and John Verhoogen.
An Introduction to Economic Geology and Its Environmental Impact‘ by Anthony M.Evans.
Search for the Past: An Introduction to Paleontology‘ by James R. Beerbower

Great recommendations, thank you!
As the saying goes, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Have you come across books or films that you have particularly liked?
Yes, I’d love my juniors to check the following books and films out. They’re really good.

1. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
2. 11 Minutes by Paulo Coelho
3. Black Holes and Baby Universes by Stephen Hawking
4. The Mad Science Book: 100 Amazing Experiments from the History of Science by Reto U. Schneider

Documentaries and films-
1. The Cannibal in the Jungle – Animal Planet 2016
2. Years of Living Dangerously 2014
3. Vice (Youtube Channel)
4. The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 2016
5. Inside Job 2010

Last but not the least, as blog tradition would have it, what advice would you like to give to your juniors?

When the winds are not going your way, adjust your sails. Life is different after college. Enjoy it to its fullest.
Thank you for answering every question with utmost patience! How can we reach you in the future ?

Feel free to mail me at abhimaverick19@gmail.com or keep in touch through Facebook.

Abhishek Tiwari is looking to collaborate with bloggers for his website. Please contact him directly if interested.

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2 thoughts on “Abhishek Tiwari is too cool to have just ONE geology job title!

  1. Truly hard working and research enthusiast Abhishek is always calm and cool. I had never seen him stressed in 5 years of our collage. I am really proud of you friend and whole of my batch, the best batch of M.S. University’s Geology department.

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